Silver Nursing Cups

For You. Natural. Breastfeeding.

Did you know that the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends nourishing your baby exceptionally by breastfeeding within the first 6 months whereas in combination with solid food until being two years old? In wellbeing for both – mother and child.

Many mothers experience significant complaints doing breastfeeding already during the first days, weeks or months. Due to intense pain caused by sore nipples a lot of women stop breastfeeding and change to artificial baby milk. This diminishes all advantages of natural breastfeeding.

This can be changed. The Livella silver nursing cups are the solution. They support in expediting the natural healing process of your sore breast, ease pain within a short period of time and protect your sensitive nipples.They allow a carefree breastfeeding and your baby will be provided with the best that mother nature supplies – your breast milk.

We from Livella wish you and your baby a nice and intimate nursing period.

Livella Silver Nursing Cups

"Emergency aid for sore and cracked nipples"

  • Expedite healing process
  • Soothing sore breasts and cracked nipples
  • Comfortable to wear – low weight
  • No use of ointments and lotions
  • Medical Product – 93/42/EEC Class 1
  • 100% certified 999 silver, free of nickel and copper

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Expedites the healing process due to the natural effect of pure silver

How do the Livella silver cups work?

Germs, fungi and viruses disturb and prevent the healing process of the damaged skin. The antimicrobial effect of 999 silver prevents the growth of those germs and can even eliminate them. Silver ions in pure silver attack the bacteria and damage their cell walls, casing the germ to die. The damaged skin can heal faster. The silver cups can also be used in preventive sense – they prevent inflammations and support the skin’s healing process.

Best protection of sore and cracked nipples

Why using Livella silver cups?

  1. The cups cling softly and almost not perceptibly to the skin due to the custom-made shape and the light weight of both silver cups.
  2. They protect the nipples against drying out and chafing clothes, as well as prevent against breaking off and adhering with clothes.
  3. The moist wound healing in mother’s milk favours the healing process.
No need of ointments

Natural breastfeeding without breast ointments

Why is it important to avoid creams?

The glands of nipples produce a specific secretion, which encourages the rooting reflex of babies. The scent of the secretion is similar to the scent of forewaters and supports the baby to find the nipple and its correct sucking position. Creams or similar products can interfere this specific scent. Despite of thorough cleansing, residues of creams can remain on the skin, which will be consumed during breastfeeding from the babies. Using the silver cups breastfeeding is possible at any time without cleaning of the nipples and the characteristic scent of the breast remains.

Livella Silberhütchen Packungsbeilage und wichtige Informationen

1. Preparation

Before you start breast feeding, clean your nipples with warm water to remove any residual breast milk.

Anwendung Tropfen Muttermilch in Silberhütchen

2. Usage

After breast feeding, you can place the silver cups directly on your nipples. The healing process can be accelerated by adding a few drops of breast milk. Other care products are not needed and are not recommended. You can wear the silver cups comfortably under your nursing bra and nursing pads. It is best to wear the silver cups all day and only take them off for breast feeding. Even if the discomfort has subsided, continue to use the silver cups to prevent new problems.

Illustration Brust mit Livella Silberhütchen

3. Care Tips

We recommend cleaning the silver cups regularly with warm water after use. After prolonged use, the silver cups should be cleaned with a texture of sodium bicarbonate and water. We do not recommend using any silver cleaning agents.

Hergestellt in Handarbeit und mit Liebe in Deutschland

Made in Germany

At Livella we signify for sustainability and demand for the highest quality of our product. Therefore we produce the silver cups hand-made in a small manufactory in Germany.

Siegel für reines 999 Silber - höchste Reinheit und Qualität

Highest level of purity

We exclusively use massive 999 silver – also known as pure silver for our Livella silver nursing cups. We derive the raw material from a German supplier. We abstain completely from supporting material or alloy. The material is free of nickel and copper.

Nachhaltige Materialien und Herstellung der Livella Silberhütchen

In love for mother nature

The natural and high quality raw material of the Livella silver nursing cups enables longevity. The packaging consists oft he FSC seal and due to the production in Germany we avoid long transport paths and unnecessary CO₂ emissions.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Made breastfeeding easier. Thank you!

These are comfortable to wear as they are small and light. I forget I have them on! I had a difficult time nursing my first born son, but after a short time (1-2 days) I felt an enormous improvement after I start ...
Sanjidah Sabur
10 January 2019
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Definitely recommend!!!

Great product!!! I experienced same results as the other reviewers. They perfectly protect my nipples, they feel comfortable to wear and my nipples healed within a short period of time.
21 February 2019
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is a life changer

Absolutely delighted! I bought these for my partner and within hours she felt less pain and after 2 days the pain had completely gone. We didn’t believe the result would be so great! She said it has made such ...
Amazon Customer
16 Februar 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

We generally recommend to remove dried breast milk from the nipples before breast feeding. However, additional washing because of wearing the silver cups is not necessary, as the item is made of pure silver according to the highest standards and no product residue can adhere to the nipple.

The cups can be cleaned regularly after use with clear water and mild soap to remove milk residues. The silver prevents the absorption of bacteria and fungi. Since the silver cups are made of pure silver (natural product), the silver can turn yellowish after a longer period of time. A tarnishing or “discoloration” of the silver is a proof of high purity of the precious metal used. However, it has no influence on the effect. In order to counteract discoloration, we recommend cleaning the silver cups in a bath of sodium bicarbonate and water after prolonged use.

The cups are optimally adapted to the size of the nipples and therefore fit softly and gently to your skin (diameter 4.3cm, height in the middle 0.7cm). They do not serve to catch the excess milk. We therefore recommend inserting additional nursing pads in the bra to absorb the breast milk.

The silver cups serve to protect the nipples and additionally support wound healing. They protect the nipples from drying out and rubbing against clothing and also prevent them from buckling. However, they do not have any holes to be used during breast feeding.