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Did you know that women can have more than 480 menstruations during their life? That means they consume between 11.000 and 18.000 sanitary tampons or sanitary towels that can be amounted up to several thousand euros.

Mostly it is unknown that dioxin, formaldehyde and pesticides, flavours and colourants can be included in sanitary towles and sanitary tampons. Those substances can harm your health. Sanitary tampons and sanitary towles can furthermore effect the sensitive vaginal flora and lead to irritations, dryness and uncomfortable scents. Those old fashioned products can therefore not only harm your health, they are also very expensive and are effecting the environment in a negative way. Every year several million tons of sanitary tampons and sanitary towles end up in the oceans.

You can stop this! The solution are the Livella Meno-Cups. The healthy and consciously alternative for sanitary tampons and sanitary towels.

Using the premium Livella Meno-Cup you proof the importance of highest quality and care of the environment.

Livella Menstrual Cup

"The natural and sustainable alternative for quality and environmentally conscious women"

  • High level of money-saving
  • Protects your sensitive vaginal flora – “pH-Neutral”
  • BPA Free | Vegan | Latex Free
  • SGS certified material – no harmful materials
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Made in Germany

9,90 - 13,90 €

(incl. 19% VAT)

  • Fast delivery with DHL
  • Free Shipping from 70 € (EU)*

Two sizes - as individual as you are!

Size small (S)

Capacity up to 20ml
  • light to normal bleeding
  • young women
  • sporty active
  • sensitive bladder
  • deep cervex

Size large (L)

Capacity up to 25ml
  • normal to heavy bleeding
  • already gave birth

Innovative composition of the Livella Menstrual Cup

I. Air holes

The air holes serve to release the negative pressure.

2. Pressure point

The grooves illustrate the pressure point to release and remove the cup.

Innovative composition of the Livella Meno-Cup

3. Milliliter-Display

The ML-display indicates the capacity. The volume of the Meno-Cup last up to 12H.

4. Handle

The flexible handle supports touching the Meno-Cup (not to pull it out). It can be shortened easily.

Application of the Menstrual Cup

*read the package insert before usage.

Wash your hands and clean the Meno-Cup carefully using hot boiling water before you start using the Meno-Cup.

Fold the Meno-Cup to a C-shape, get yourself in a comfortable position and insert it carefully in your vaginal introitus, showing the aperture towards the tailbone.

Place the Meno-Cup in the lower part of your vaginal introitus – only as deep as you cannot see the shaft any longer, but you can still touch it easily. To simplify the insertion at the beginning, apply a small amount of water or water based lubricant on the Meno-Cup. Your Meno-Cup will softly unfold and should not be felt any longer. In case it unfolds earlier, place the Meno-Cup carefully a little higher until the shaft cannot be seen any longer. If the shaft is still too long, remove the Meno-Cup and cut the overlaying end using a scissor. Do not cut off the entire shaft.

  1. Wash your hands carefully before removing the Meno-Cup.
  2. Put yourself again in a comfortable position.
  3. Try to touch the shaft of your Meno-Cup. Once you have touched its position and the gooves of the touch point, practise a soft pressure. The low pressure will release. Hold the Meno-Cup at the touch point and remove it. Please do not pull the shaft.
  4. After removing the Meno-Cup, empty it in the toilet and clean it carefully.

Safety. Quality. Responsibility.

12H protection

By using the Livella Meno-Cup changing the women hygiene had its time. Due to its innovative capacity the Meno-Cup enables a long lasting non spilling protection up to 12 hours.

Proof of quality

The used medical silicon is hypoallergen, vegan, free of BPA, softener, bleaching agents, latex, adhesives, colorants and flavors and certified by SGA and FDA. Your natural vaginal flora remains untouched during the usage.


Using the Livella Meno-Cup you decide for a sustainable alternative for women hygiene. Maintaining a careful care, this Meno-Cup will be a reliable companion that protects you during your period.

Customer Experiences

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Wow, no more tampons / pads!

I am enthusiastic about this product. The item was shipped the very next business day. The packaging is beautiful, the menstrual cup is very comfortable to wear.
Amazon Customer
31 January 2019
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Smart idea - great quality

Since these were my first cups, I was not sure which size was right for me. While searching the offers I came across these cups. First I was a little skeptical ...
3 January 2019
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Nice alternative!!!

Great alternative to tampons. It's nice to get two sizes at once. So I didn't have to worry about which size to take. I can only recommend it!
A. Fast
30 December 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

The volume of the menstrual cup provides up to 12 hours of leak protection depending on the strength of your period and the cup size you choose (S or L). Emptying may therefore be necessary at shorter intervals.

Size S:

        Diameter of the opening = 4,2cm

        length of the cup without handle = 4,8cm

        length of cup with handle = 7,0cm

Size L:

         Diameter of the cup opening 4,6cm

         length of cup without handle = 5,2cm

         Length of cup with handle = 7,6cm

Yes, and very well. The cup sits comfortably and securely at the cervix and does not come loose during sporting activities such as swimming, yoga or horse riding. The advantage over tampons is also that the annoying ribbon does not have to be hidden, as the cup is invisible when worn.

If the cup is cleaned properly and regularly, it will last up to 10 years. This not only protects the environment, but also your wallet.

The length of the handle is 2.21 cm for the size S and 2.43 cm for the size L. The length of the handle is too long / too short / too unpleasant. The lengths are based on average sizes and will in no case be too small. However, if the handle is a little too long and slightly perceptible, it can be shortened without any problems until it has the optimal length.

We recommend that you clean the cup thoroughly after and before each period and boil it to its best. This way you can be sure that the cup is optimally cleaned.

You can also use the Livella menstrual cup with a spiral or Gynefix. The menstrual cup is held in place with a slight negative pressure, but this negative pressure is not strong enough to release the spiral or copper chain from its seat. When the cup is removed, the negative pressure is loosened beforehand over the cup.

The dust-like film is caused by a too high lime content in the cooking water used. To prevent this, you can boil the cup with still mineral water.

Yes, medical silicone is suitable for microwaves. Simply fill a bowl suitable for microwaves with water and place the cup in the water. Place the bowl with the menstrual cup in the microwave and let it run at 800 watts for 5 minutes.

During the menstrual period and several times of emptying, the cup can be cleaned under running water. After the period is over, however, we recommend thorough cleaning by boiling.

The Livella menstrual cup was developed in cooperation with medical professionals. The innovative cup design therefore adapts optimally to the anatomical condition of the woman. In addition, it is produced under the strictest hygienic conditions and is made of 100% medical silicone. The material is SGS and FDA certified. The Livella menstrual cup is a premium hygienic article that meets the highest standards and does not endanger your health.

We recommend that you empty the cup before going to sleep. This will increase your capacity.

Similar to the insertion of tampons, the hymen can also be injured or torn by a menstrual cup. It depends on how elastic the individual hymen is. In most cases, however, you do not notice this and it has no negative effects on your health. You still remain a virgin until your first time.

Yes, in this case the larger cup size L is particularly suitable. Due to its slightly larger diameter, it sits somewhat more securely on a weak pelvic floor. It is also possible to increase the negative pressure slightly. To do this, insert the cup a little deeper than normal. Make sure that the cup is completely open. Then pull back the cup (without releasing the vacuum) a little.


Our advice is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. We therefore recommend that you consult your doctor beforehand. If symptoms or irritations occur suddenly, please consult a doctor. Thank you for your attention. For further questions please use our contact form.